When my best friend told me

About the time you kissed the girl at that party I couldn’t go to

My heart shrinked from the size of an avocado

To the size of the pit inside it

But I chose to forgive you

For you were intoxicated

And your vision was blurry

At least she dropped you home safely.

A week later when I snuck into your apartment

Hoping to surprise you on our eight month anniversary

She was there, planting kisses on you

With your hands tracing the back of her spine

My heart was now like a rotten avocado seed.

I cut you out of my life, even though

It was killing me inside

Because I knew the next time I looked

At the sun gleaming on your face

I’d picture your lips over hers.

Back then, it was me tearing apart

My skin aching for your touch

But now it’s four months later,

And my best friend just told me you’ve been

Wondering all over town, hoping to bump into me

Begging people for my new number, hoping things can go back again

But this time I won’t forgive

For now it’s you who needs me, not I needing you.